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Groundwork Services, LLC is East Tennessee's leading provider of groundwork solutions. Whether it's digging footers, clearing land, or installing culverts, we cover all aspects of groundwork. Free estimates available! 

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Specialized Ditch Work Services

We specialize in crafting ditches for all purposes, including agricultural irrigation, stormwater management, or utility placement. Our experts analyze the land to ensure proper slope and alignment, using top-tier equipment to ensure a smooth, efficient process. Perfect for landowners, developers, and contractors.

Professional Drain Lines and Footers 

Our skilled team offers drainage solutions with precision digging for drain lines and footers. From residential plumbing to large-scale construction projects, we ensure the perfect depth and positioning. Our advanced machinery and expertise ensure fast, efficient service without compromising on quality. 

Land Clearing

Preparing a plot of land for building requires careful planning and execution. We offer comprehensive land clearing services that include removing trees, brush, and other obstacles, grading the site, and ensuring proper soil preparation. Our state-of-the-art equipment and skilled team create the perfect canvas for your new home or business facility.  

Culverts and Driveways 

From designing and installing culverts to creating gravel driveways, our services are tailored to your specific requirements. We ensure proper culvert placement for effective water management, coupled with quality materials for long-lasting driveways. Our attention to detail guarantees functionality and aesthetic appeal.  

Ponds and Rock Hammer Services 

Enhance your property with a beautiful pond or clear the way for construction with our rock-busting service. Our pond-building experts handle everything from design to excavation and lining, creating stunning water features. Meanwhile, our specialized jackhammer service efficiently breaks up rocks, clearing the way for any project.   

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